One of our great loves at Reel Time Events is promoting Scottish culture, produce and music with passion and enthusiasm.  Much of this is done here in Scotland, showcasing our great nation to visitors from far flung lands, but occasionally we are lucky enough to get the opportunity to promote Scotland on the International stage.

Last month Roddy was lucky enough to be invited by Visit Scotland, along with his colleague Will Marshall, to a week long tour of India where they helped promote Scotland as a destination to the Indian leisure industry.

Visiting Mumbai, Chandigarh and Delhi, it was a whirlwind of a week, with Roddy and Will providing an interactive bagpipe playing and ceilidh dance experience for all of the leisure buyers (DMCs, travel agents and tour companies) in attendance in each city. Along with the musical entertainment guests were also treated to a Reel Time whisky tasting experience, giving them a sample of Scotlands favourite tipple and aiding with the lubrication for ceilidh dancing.

From arriving in Mumbai  and a hair-raising taxi ride at 2am to the hotel, to an interactive whisky tasting with no whisky in Chandigarh and a very in-depth conversation comparing tea tasting to whisky tasting in Delhi, it was an exciting and interesting trip.  Roddy and Will were lucky enough to meet and work with some amazing people, Visit Scotland Staff and all the staff at the venues across India, along with all of the buyers that attended the 3 events.

Such an incredible trip was full of highlights – An evening at the Delhi High Comission,  avoiding the infamous “Delhi-Belly” or being involved in such an amazing and incredibly well-planned and executed adventure, helping promote Scotland on the international stage.  #Scotspirit