The Reel Time Ceilidh Band performed at the EICC to celebrate 10 years of Virgin Media and the Virgin Media Leadership Conference.  Roddy the Piper greeted guests on arrival and piped them in for dinner.  The Reel Time Dancers put on a great dance display during dessert.  The band were asked to be ready in a holding area 30 minutes before we performed.  We were delighted to find 40 Virtual Reality headsets and ear pieces, all loaded up and ready for us to experience the next generation of media.  It was unbelievable!  Luckily, we were allowed to spend the full 30 minutes enjoying this amazing technology!


The Scraggly Cats performed some great ceilidh dances and the Reel Time dancers helped coodinate the 450 guests.  Little did the dancers know that their dancing partners for one of the ceilidh dances were the CEO of Virgin Media, along with the CEO of Virgin Media’s parent company.  They were suitably impressed with the Scottish culture and seemed to enjoy the ceilidh.  Following the ceilidh dances, Kimberley Hamilton, the Reel Time vocalist, joined the band and took pop music up to the next level.  The dance floor party crowd seemed to have forgotten the conference started at 08:30 the next morning!


The Reel Time Band is about to get into the world of 360 filming.  If you haven’t experienced this new media, we definitely recommend you give it a go!  Visit Scotland has also been doing some great things with virtual reality, check out their website for more details and virtual tours of Scotland.

If you are looking for a ceilidh band who can entertain your conference guests with a Scottish experience, get them involved and introduce them to ceilidh dancing, do get in touch.