The Reel Time Bars team were called in on Friday night to provide a specialist cocktail production service at a gala dinner at Edinburgh’s Signet Library.

The event organiser from the law firm brief was to create a choice menu of 10 cocktails to tickle the guest’s tipples. They wanted this to feel like a style bar.  We designed our cocktail list based around three main styles of cocktail – shaken, built and stirred – all of which were guaranteed to truly wow the guests!  We also wanted to give the guests a bit of a show, so we brought in some of Scotland’s best mixologists, bar flairs and service staff, mixed them with some artful mood lighting and brought the taste-bud tantalizing creations to life!

As well as staff, we also provide our own mobile bars fully equipped with back bars, sun-drains, glassware, ice, fridges, fruit and – most importantly –alcohol!  All you’ll need to do is sit back and watch the magic happen.

Whether it be a cocktail party, office party or a gala dinner, if you are looking for a bar to make your event come alive with an eclectic selection of cocktails and drinks for every palate… then get in touch for a tailored mobile bar quote.