We debuted 2 New Branded Pop Up Bars!

What better way to say good bye to dry January than with a mobile bar on the 1st of February!

We were delighted to be helping out at a fantastic Amazon event in Edinburgh city centre. We provided two of our 2-metre Pop-Up Great Gatsby Themed Mobile Bars.

The event was held at the National Museum of Scotland, a beautiful setting for any event. It was a grand event for a grand occasion, celebrating the staffs’ hard work over the Christmas period. The glamour of it all was reminiscent of the 1920s Jazz Age so well represented in the Great Gatsby. So our Art-Deco style Pop-Up Bars were a perfect addition to the event.

We have many themed mobile and pop-up bars, such as a Whisky Cask bar, Banquet bars, and bespoke bars tailored to specific events.

To find out more about our branded pop-up bars, and other mobile bar units, visit our dedicated drinks website Reel Time Bars.

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