Events, incentives and conferences are always on the lookout for new ways to engage with their audience. Keen also to keep on top of new technology and using it in a relevant way to enhance the user experience.

Reel Time’s new experience for the Scottish business tourism market is an immersive 360° video tour of Scotland. We deliver this bespoke virtual reality experience using new Oculus VR standalone headsets (Oculus is owned by Facebook). They don’t require the user to download anything or use their phone.

We filmed an experience that showcases the mountains and glens, the coasts and waters of Scotland. It takes guests on a journey around the beauty of Scotland.

Our 5-minute experience has Scottish castles, wildlife, standing stones and the mighty Talisker Distillery. All discoverable in 360° .

What we can offer our virtual reality experience for:

  • As a drop-in experience for conference receptions, where guests may not have the opportunity to visit any more than a conference centre and hotel room whilst in Scotland.
  • To support our Scottish whisky and gin interactive experiences. Gues can enjoy during networking and drinks at an event.
  • To help product placement for brands with branded experiences featuring product/ production.
  • Assisting sales people to sell Scotland “the brand”. Imagine taking your sales appointment to Scotland and providing a 360° tour of your hotel or business events attractions, all in 5 minutes. you will Leave an impression they won’t forget.
  • Working with visitor attractions and brands to deliver 360° experiences

Our Scotland virtual reality experience is flexible and can suit a variety of options such as;

  • An event: with 5-10 headsets, VR bar, 360° chairs and VR hosts to make the experience smooth for guests’ enjoyment.
  • VR 360° headset hire with Scotland experience, per day.
  • Branded or edited experiences, with 360° filming, editing and experience delivery.

Find out More

To find out how you can use our Virtual Reality experience at your event, contact the Reel Time Events team.

To find out more about our Virtual Reality Experiences, check our webpage.

Reel Time Events developed the Scotland Experience for an event attended by 1200 technical software specialists for Linux in late 2018 at the National Museum of Scotland. Read the event blog story.

We are delighted to bring this event opportunity to destination management companies, incentive creators and Scottish brands in 2019.