It was a pleasure to work with Visit Scotland to entertain Andrews in St Andrews as part of their St Andrew’s Day marketing campaign.  Andrews, Andres and Andreas from across Europe were invited to come and experience a flavour of what Scotland has to offer, and discover more about the home of their namesake, and Scotland’s, Patron Saint.


We were incredibly lucky to experience some great weather for the filming.  10 degrees and bright sunshine at the end of November was the best we could hope for, and led to a great day for all on West Sands Beach.

The guests enjoyed the best of what St Andrews and Scotland had to offer.  They were immersed in Scottish scenery, culture, cuisine and, of course, experienced some of the amazing activities Scotland offers.  From golf to learning the bagpipes, fun was certainly had by all.

Fun on St Andrews beach at Visit Scotland Highland Games

As part of their Scottish adventure, Reel Time arranged an historic Highland Games for them.  This introduced them to caber tossing, putting the Scots stane and the Scots hammer throw.  The guests rotated around activities as teams, and cheered on their fellow clan members as they experienced the different events.  To ensure they got the most out of the experience they were instructed by a former world champion and the current under 25 champion at Highland Games.

It was great to be able to help Visit Scotland to raise the profile of St Andrew’s Day further afield, and introduce people to some great Scottish hospitality and traditions.

Watch the full Visit Scotland video that includes our Highland Games experience.

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