Have you been looking for a new type of team building activity?  Look no further!  Reel Time would like to introduce you to “Strictly Come Ceilidh Dancing”.

8/9th Oct 2015: BGL Conference in Edinburgh

What is it?

As you might have guessed, this is based on the TV show Strictly Come Dancing, though you don’t have to have watched the show to take part! It’s a great way of carrying team building activities on into the evening.

How does it Work?

No prior knowledge of ceilidh dancing is required; this is ideal for everyone and suits a whole range of occasions and events.  The Reel Time Band, a modern and funky ceilidh band, will introduce participants to two different ceilidh dances.  The caller will ensure contestants quickly become familiar with the steps, and professional dancers will be on hand to demonstrate and assist.  Once the basics have been mastered it is time split into teams and work on personalising the chosen dance.  Team work is key at this stage, working together to add flair and personality to the dance.  Again, the professional dancers will be on hand to assist.

Once teams have perfected their dance it is Show Time!  Each team will be invited up to the dance floor in turn to show off their ceilidh skills.  Judging takes place, though we encourage praise at what the teams have achieved rather than too much criticism as sometimes happens on the TV show!

Once the results are announced there will be plenty of time for a few more ceilidh dances, perhaps introducing a couple of new ones for everyone to join in together.


What else do I need to know?

If you would like any further information then get in touch with the Reel Time team, we would be happy to tailor “Strictly Come Ceilidh Dancing” to fit your requirements perfectly.  If participants would like to really feel the part, we could arrange kilts outfits for the gentlemen and sashes for the ladies.  Why not have an after dinner “Strictly Come Ceilidh” to follow an afternoon of Highland games?  We could also arrange for a whisky or gin tasting to form part of the event. Please get in touch for more information.